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April 02 2015

Then she said ‘You are the nearest thing I have to life. You are the only thing I have left, the only thing that isn’t bleak and flat and gray. I could be blindfolded and dropped into the deepest ocean and I would know where to find you. I could be buried a hundred miles underground and I would know where you are.’
— Neil Gaiman (American Gods)
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Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.
—  Chinese Proverb (via purplebuddhaproject)
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sangria sunset aura quartz 🌄🍷❤️


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Emanuel Phillips Fox

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Commissioned by weshallflyaway for swiftsnowmane because friends know when you need a little cheer! ^_____^

 A scene from Between the Fire and the Sky by Swiftsnowmane.  

Hope you like it, hon! <3

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"Crispijn van de Passe. A garden of flowers. Faithfully and truely translated out of the Netherlandish. Utrecht, 1615."Passe, Crispijn van de, d. 1670.

April is the cruelest month, breeding
lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
memory and desire, stirring
dull roots with spring rain.
— T.S. Eliot - from The Waste Land (via firmamente)
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Leilani Bustamante’s “Haunt” at Modern Eden Gallery

Artist on Tumblr

San Francisco artist Leilani Bustamante’s solo exhibition ‘Haunt’ opens at Modern Eden Gallery on 14 March 2015.  Leilani’s mournful work captures the beauty in the macabre, exploring themes of death and rebirth, with a delicate nostalgic sensitivity.  Leilani explains her fascination with the darker side of humanity and our fear of the unknown, “As human beings curiosity of death and the dark is a part of life. I find a lot of comfort in dark themes and they fall in line with my emotions and sensitivities.

I love her work so much.

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Mesmerizing image of Io transiting #Jupiter from #Hubble

Full Storyhttp://www.spacetelescope.org/images/opo9913c/

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A how to make flower crowns with dandelions. Not sure if it will work on other flowers, but as long as the stalk/pedicel is long it should be alright O v O
Also I hope it’s understandable ahah

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